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Masáž ramen

Massages and Prices

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Dear customers, 

Please, when you can not come to a reserved message, let us know in advance.

​If you do not do so in advance of 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the reserved massage on your next visit (in cash), we THANK you for your understanding.

Masáž krku

​Massages are done by Thai-born professional massage ladies. Every massage is accompanied by relaxing music and at the end, you get a Thai herbal tea.

No card payment accepted, cash only

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage requires perfect knowledge of the body. The roots go back to antiquity, the so-called Buddha time. This massage consists of applying force to pressure points, relaxing muscles, joints, tendons, and feet, stretching the spine and bringing the body total physical and mental relaxation. During the massage, the masseuses use the thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet so that they can exert pressure in combination with stretching and acupressure. Only in this way will the energy be unblocked and overall harmony restored in the whole body.

60 min...      990 Kč
90 min...    1.280 Kč
120 min...   1.660 Kč

Oil Relaxing Massage

Thai oil massage is a softer and more relaxing form of traditional Thai massage. The body is subjected to a systematic pressure massage from the top of the head through the neck, spine, back muscles, arms, legs and feet. During this massage, less pressure is applied to the individual points. Special massage oils and ointments are used for this massage. The whole process is super-relaxing.

60 min...        920 Kč
90 min...      1.200 Kč
120 min...     1.560 Kč
180 min...    2.290 Kč

60 min...      1.020 Kč
90 min...      1.300 Kč
120 min...   1.660 Kč
180 min...  2.390 Kč

Coconut oil:

HERBAL – Thai Herbal Massage

Herbal massage is a traditional Thai massage combined with the application of special heated herbal sachets to massaged places where energy flows. These bags contain Thai herbs and spices that help perfect stress relief.

60 min...     1.300 Kč
90 min...     1.550 Kč
120 min...   1.850 Kč

ROYAL – Thai Royal Massage

Royal Thai massage is a combination of traditional Thai and oil massage, culminating in the addition of special hot herbal sachets, similar to Herbal massage. Thai herbs contained in sachets have the ability to reduce stress. It is a unique massage, which is rightly called Royal.

60 min...     1.200 Kč
90 min...     1.450 Kč
120 min...    1.750 Kč

Siam Massage

A special massage performed by two masseuses using 100% natural oil, where the whole body is massaged at the same time. There is an intense reduction of stress, perfect muscle relaxation and the client experiences the overall harmony of body and soul.

60 min...     1.600 Kč
90 min...     2.080 Kč

60 min...      1.700 Kč
90 min...      2.180 Kč

Coconut oil:

Lava Stone Massage

A combination of Thai massage with Hawaiian elements. Lava stones have a strong energy selection and contain large iron. This massage has more significant effects in unblocking stiff muscles thanks to the hot stones applied to the whole body. There is a rapid regeneration and release of energy pathways in the body. During the massage, special oils are used in a combination of stones and palms. This massage is not recommended for cardiac patients, pregnant women and people with varicose veins.

60 min...     1.200 Kč
90 min...    1.450 Kč

Lymphatic Relaxing Massage

A very gentle and soft massage, which can effectively work with the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage has a positive effect on the immune system, cellulite and helps fight ageing. The massage is performed without the use of oil.

60 min...       920 Kč
90 min...    1.200 Kč

Thai Massage for Pregnant

It is suitable for pregnant women in any month of pregnancy. This Thai oil massage will give mom and baby a pleasant feeling and relaxation in the form of a light massage, where 100% natural oil is used.

60 min...        920 Kč
90 min...      1.200 Kč
120 min...    1.560 Kč
180 min...   2.290 Kč

60 min...       1.020 Kč
90 min...      1.300 Kč
120 min...    1.660 Kč
180 min...    2.390 Kč

Coconut oil:

Thai Back and Neck Massage

This massage is recommended to relieve tension in the upper back, head, shoulders and neck. Applying pressure to the acupressure points helps release tension in them. Back massage also ideally helps against stress.

30 min...       650 Kč
60 min...       920 Kč
90 min...     1.200 Kč

30 min...       750 Kč
60 min...     1.020 Kč
90 min...     1.300 Kč

Coconut oil:

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage stimulates the reflex points of individual mussels combined with a massage of the toes and calves. It has very relaxing effects and has a positive impact on the psyche. Special oils and herbal ointments are used during the massage.

30 min...      420  Kč
60 min...      690 Kč
90 min...      920 Kč

30 min...        520 Kč
60 min...        790 Kč
90 min...      1.020 Kč

Coconut oil:

Thai Face Massage

A relaxing facial massage with relaxing effects, especially on the central nervous system. It helps delay the ageing process because it improves blood circulation and flexibility of facial muscles. It is excellent not only for women but also for men.

30 min...      470 Kč
60 min...      720 Kč

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